Introducing Fresh Box

Fresh Box is a home food preservation system that keeps your food fresh longer while maintaining the natural taste, texture, and nutrients. Fresh Box helps you eat healthier, save money, and reduce waste.

Keep Food Fresh Longer

Fresh Box provides a fast, effective alternative to traditional food preservation methods that doesn’t take away from taste or nutritional value. Fresh Box uses MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to keep perishable goods fresh longer. MAP is a widespread commercial food storage technique. 

Fill and Freshen

Fresh Box replaces the air stored around your food with a protective atmosphere. Powered by an inert gas charger Fresh Box ensures your food stays as fresh as possible. Fresh Box will fit into any kitchen with it's small compact, and easy to use design. 



Simply fill one of our specially designed food containers with the food you would like to keep fresh. Our reusable, dishwasher safe food containers easily store all different food types. 



In seconds Fresh Box will replace the air surrounding your food and replace it with a better atmosphere for food storage. Now you can enjoy more fresh natural food, save money, and help reduce food waste with Fresh Box. 


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Need Fresh Box in your kitchen? 

Learn more about Fresh Box and how Fresh Box can help you save in your kitchen.