Make it easier to provide the best possible meals to families.

innovative technology

Researched and developed at North Carolina State University, the Fresh Box patent pending system scales down an existing, proven and leading industrial food preservation method for the home and business consumer, making it highly user friendly. In the United States 40% of the food produced goes uneaten costing the average family around $2,000 each year.  Fresh Box is aimed to reduce the avoidable food waste and allow households to make less frequent trips to the grocery store.  

Unlike other solutions on the market today such as conventional plastic containers, freezing, and canning – Fresh Box truly keeps food fresh while maintaining it’s natural taste, texture and nutritional content. At Fresh Box we are passionate about addressing the world’s greatest energy, environmental and economic challenges.




Allison is the Founder/CEO of Fresh Box LLC, a company with a mission to keep food fresh longer and help combat food waste.  She received her BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University where she was also in the Engineering Entrepreneurs Program and Entrepreneurship Initiative.  Allison is an Alumna of the Cleantech Open 2014 Business Accelerator and Groundwork Labs. Currently she works from the NCSU Technology Incubator and has experience in areas including project management, prototyping, business development, "the lean-startup" and leadership/management.  Allison is interested in anything food, electronics, and the outdoors.  


gaining momentum

  1. 1st Place in the North Carolina State University Engineering Entrepreneurs's Program Senior Design Day showcase
  2. Judge's Choice from the Lulu eGames, New Venture Challenge
  3. Accepted into and completed:
    1. Engineering Entrepreneurs's Program Entrepreneurship Initiative Program 
    2. The Cleantech Open 2014 Business Accelerator 
    3. Groundwork Labs
    4. Leadership exChange's e5 I Kat'l-is'er program
  4. Currently Fresh Box is in the 2015-2016 ThinkHouse program and working out of the HQ Raleigh and the North Carolina State University Technology Incubator
  5. Fresh Box has gained exposure through many events including: the CED Tech Venture Conference in Raleigh, NC; the New York City Energy Week Startup Showcase; the Southeast Innovation Summit in Washington DC; and even the Cleantech Open Global Forum in San Francisco, CA.  
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