What is MAP?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

If you have ever eaten a bag of chips, served a bagged salad, or eaten prepackaged meat, then you've already taken advantage of the benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).  Since the 1970s, MAP technology has been used as a way to lengthen the shelf life of a variety of foods such as meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood, breads and dairy. MAP works by changing the original atmosphere, or air, around your food when packaged. The original air contains oxygen, which encourages bacterial growth and causes food to spoil. Replacing it with a new all-natual and food safe atmosphere greatly slows the food spoilage process. The new atmospheres supplied are all-natural and food safe gas mixtures that act as a protective layer around your food. Different foods have different needs, so different mixtures work best with different foods. Storing your food with the best protective layer around it ensures your food stays fresh as long as possible. Modified Atmosphere Packaging is commonly used around the world and is a top food preservation technique throughout the food packaging industries. MAP has numerous benefits and Fresh Box is excited to be the first and only system bringing it into the home. For much more information on MAP, click here.

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